E-Kalimera Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are for our online courses and course packages and the rest of our services.

Definitions in these terms

Any reference to the ‘Company’ shall mean E-Kalimera Company a limited liability company (SARL) established under the French legislation with its headquarters in Les Ponts de Cé, France. The ‘Client’ shall mean the person in whose name the purchase of courses is made and shall include the person or persons on whose behalf the same is made. The ‘Student’ shall mean the person who is participating in the course. ‘Teacher’ shall mean any person who instructs courses on behalf of the Company and is authorized by the Company to do so. ‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any event outside the Company’s control which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations, including natural disasters, war, civil strife, acts of terrorism and political unrest, etc.

These terms relate to the following courses and services:

1-hour Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced or Ancient Greek lesson:
Consists of 1-hour online course and can be booked at a time when both the Company and the Student agree.

5/10/40 (respectively) hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced package:
Consists of 5/10/40 (respectively) hours of online course, with one one-hour lesson per week unless otherwise agreed by the Company and the Student.

5/10/20 (respectively)  hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced group package:

Consists of 5/10/20 (respectively)  hours of online group course, with one one-hour lesson per week. Two students of equal level will participate in the course.

5/10/40 (respectively) hours Ancient Greek package:Consists of 5/10/40 (respectively) hours of online course, with one one-hour lesson per week unless otherwise agreed by the Company and the Student.

For more information on courses, go to the Courses page.

Certified translations: 

Certified translations of Clients' documents. The exact service details are to be agreed by both the Client and the Company.


Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for Students, it is however advised that the Student has a fair understanding of computers and technology.​


Course books are not included in the course fees. However, studying material will be provided in electronic format to the Students as the Company sees fit.

Number of Students per Group Courses

We require 2 students to be able to run a group course. Whilst the vast majority of courses easily meet this requirement, in some cases some unfortunately will not. We will always try our hardest to run all our courses but cannot guarantee that courses which don’t meet the minimum student number will be able to run.

If the minimum number of students is not met:

  1. The Company will inform the Client and will offer to reimburse the payment unless the Client agrees to wait for a confirmed course that starts later.

  2. Where one of the Students of the group course no longer participates, but the courses are already scheduled and have started, the course will continue with one Student only, unless this is no longer possible for logistic reasons. In the latter case, the remaining courses will be fully refunded or if the Client agrees a credit will be issued to be used on any of the other courses proposed by the Company.

    3. For quality reasons the maximum number of students admitted per group course is 2.

Public Holidays

Where a course takes place during a public holiday in Greece, no lessons will take place on that day unless otherwise agreed between the Company and the Student. Courses will be rescheduled to a later date agreed by both the Company and the Student.

Course Fees

Course fees include VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Purchase and Payment

No contract is made between the Company and the Client and no purchase is valid until the Company has issued a confirmation invoice by post, fax or e-mail (an e-mail acknowledging receipt of an order does not constitute a confirmation invoice). The Company will issue this confirmation invoice after it has received a completed purchase form or a written agreement by the Client.

The prices of the courses are made in Euros.

The half an hour free course is free of charge. However, the Company will offer it when the teachers have availability in their calendars after consultation with the Client.


Booking Fees

We do not charge any booking fees.

Cancellation and Refunds

1) In the event that a Client wishes to cancel their course, they must notify the Company as soon as possible in writing by email. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted. Please email e_kalimera@yahoo.com to cancel your course. The following terms apply:

1. 1-hour beginner’s/intermediate/advanced/Ancient Greek lesson

In the case of the 1-hour beginner’s/intermediate/advanced lesson, refund applications must be made at least twelve hours before the course date.

Refund applications made up to 12 hours before the course start date will be eligible for a full refund. Alternatively, the course can be rescheduled to a later date if both the Student and the Company agree.

Refund applications made 12 hours or less before the course date cannot be accepted: no refunds are available and you will no longer be able to transfer your course to a later date.

2. Package lessons (5 hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced package, 10 hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced package, 40 hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced package, 5 hours beginner’s/intermediate/advanced group package, 10 hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced group package, 20 hours Modern Greek beginner’s/intermediate/advanced group package, 5 hours Ancient Greek package, 10 hours Ancient Greek package, 40 hours Ancient Greek package)

In the case of a purchase of a package lesson, refund applications must be made in the following 14 days after the purchased was made and confirmed by the Company provided the package lessons have not started.

Refund applications made up to 14 days after the purchase was made and confirmed by the Company will be eligible for a full refund unless the Client has already started the package lessons. In case package lessons have already taken place then no refund will be due. However, the Company has the discretion to agree to a partial refund on a case by case basis and only as a courtesy.

If the Client is unable to have a specific lesson on a set date, the course can be rescheduled to a later date if both the Student and the Company agree.

Refund applications made after the said 14-day time limit cannot be accepted: no refunds are available and you will no longer be able to transfer your course to a later date.

2) No refunds are available for non-attendance.
3) Credit card fees are non-refundable.
4) How to claim a refund: You must notify the Company in writing by email, with or following your cancellation. All refunds will be subject to the terms outlined above.

5) In the event the Company is unable to run a course or make suitable alternative arrangements under the Minimum Number of Students policy, the Client will be entitled to a full refund. Refunds will be processed within 5 – 10 working days of notification of refund, depending on your bank.

6) Where orders were previously modified and administration charges or penalties incurred, a full refund no longer constitutes the original value of the booking but is subject to deductions of these charges.

Alterations by the Company

1) The company will do its utmost to provide the arrangements that have been confirmed, but it must reserve the right to modify or cancel any course if unforeseen circumstances arise for example a sickness of a teacher. This includes but is not limited to, providing a cover teacher for teacher sickness or absence, cancelling a lesson and offering an alternative date, postponing the course for one or two weeks, offering alternative levels. If force majeure occurs while a course is in progress, the company will try to make reasonable alternative arrangements.

2) The Company requires two students to be able to run a group package course. For further information, please refer to our policy on Number of Students per Group Course.

Liability of the Company

The Company accepts responsibility for ensuring that all parts of the course and the rest of the services are supplied as described and that all services shall reach reasonable standard. However, the Company shall not be liable for the failure or improper performance of these services where such failure or improper performance is attributable to:

  1. fault of the client.

  2. problems with internet provider of the Client or the Company or unforeseen malfunction of the software program used for the online courses

  3. poor performance equipment of the client (Computer or other).

  4. unforeseeable or unavoidable actions of any other third party.

  5. unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the Company’s control, including force majeure.

The Company shall not be held liable for anything that does not result directly from its activities and is not attributable to a manifest fault of the Company.


Alterations by the Client

1) If the Client wishes to change their scheduled course in any way after the confirmation invoice has been issued, they must inform the Company immediately. For group package courses, such change can only take place if all the course participants agree. For further information, please refer to your course type under the Cancellation & Refunds policy.

2) If the Client is unhappy with the teacher or any aspect of the teaching they must inform the Company immediately in writing. The Company cannot deal with issues or complaints retrospectively. The Company reserves the right to offer solutions to the issue such as speaking to the teacher about the problem, changing the teacher, offering the Client an alternative course. In the unlikely event that a Client is unhappy with their purchased package course we require the Client to attend a minimum of 2 lessons in order to give a reasonable amount of time for any improvements and changes to be experienced. The Company will make every attempt to ensure the Client can continue with their course as a satisfied Client. However, if no agreement or remedy is possible, after all reasonable efforts by the Company, the Client must be aware that no refund will be possible for purchased package courses as per the Cancellation and refunds policy described above.​


1) The Company believes that all statements made on its website are factual and correct. Every reasonable effort has been made to describe the school and environment and to provide any tools described. The Company cannot therefore be held responsible for any changes that become known upon publication on its website, nor can the Company accept liabilities for happenings outside its reasonable control. The Company undertakes to advise the Client of any changes known to it prior to the course.

2) The Company cannot be held responsible for incorrect information printed or online by other websites. Please refer to the E-Kalimera website for up to date information.


Special Requirements

Any special requests must be advised to the company in writing.

General Information

General information is included on this website for help and guidance to the client. Please read it carefully. The contract incorporating these conditions shall be governed by Greek law and any matters arising out of it shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the regional court of Patras, Greece.