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Do you know the "όπως σε βλέπω και με βλέπεις" expression? /'opos se vl'epo kje me vl'epis/

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

greek common phrases
Literal translation = Yes, I tell you: As I see you and you see me!

The expression "όπως σε βλέπω και με βλέπεις" means literally 'as I see you and you see me'. Freely translated means things are exactly as I tell you. What I tell you is so true, like the way I can see you and you can see me, this exact moment we are talking.

Generally speaking, Greek is a very pragmatic language, full of simple logic and common sense. This phrase, can be easily understood that is used when we want to say to people "that is indeed true". Have you ever heard someone using it or have you used it yourself?

And yes, this phrase means exactly what we tell you, όπως σε βλέπω και με βλέπεις!

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