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Welcome to our Greek Language e-School,

the place where you can learn Greek online,

meet new friends

and have a taste of the Greek culture!

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Classes and Courses

Get on Board of E-Kalimera and Learn Greek Online!

Our classes are tailored to your needs and level. You can get your individual or group Greek lesson given by a native professional speaker in real time online. All classes include free learning material as e-books and audio files. All you have to do is find the course you like, purchase it and start to learn Greek online (or contact us for something more personalised)!

The classes can also prepare you for the Greek language certification exams should you choose to get a certification.

Our teachers are experienced professionals with specialized training in teaching Greek online as a foreign language and truly passionate about it. 


If you want to try to see how it works, contact us for a free half an hour class that we offer, where we can discuss with you your needs, assess your level, explain the process and answer any questions you may have.

We will make sure to arrange the course at a convenient time for you, online, without you having to move or do anything else than simply connect. 

From 17 euros and less

Ancient Greek Course

This course will offer you the possibility to learn to read and write in Ancient Greek. You will study several ancient Greek texts and learn ancient Greek grammar and syntax. It is recommended for students and everyone interested in mastering the language of ancient Greece.

Beginner Course

As one of our most popular offerings, this course will offer you the possibility to learn the basics of the Greek language and culture. You will be able to read, write and engage in simple communications relating to routine and familiar matters.

This level is perfect for holidays in Greece or Cyprus or starting your longer adventure with Modern Greek!

12 euros with a package

Intermediate Course

13 euros with a package

This online course has been highly regarded by our students, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. The course will offer you the possibility to broaden your knowledge of the Greek language and culture. You will be able to write, read and speak about more complex ideas and matters and interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity.

It's a good stepping stone for people who think about getting a certificate in the future and want to be fluent.

Advanced Course

This course will offer you the possibility to perfect your knowledge of the Greek language and culture. You will be able to talk, write and read like a native and express yourself in any kind of situation spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.

15 euros with a package

Other Services

Our E-School also offers other services such as certified translations from and to Greek, transcriptions and voice over services.

Explore E-Kalimera

Learning has no boundaries

No matter who you are, where you live and how much time you have, you are able to join our course - all you need is internet connection!

You don't need to go outside and spend more time reaching the school - it's with you, everywhere you go with only one click!

A group of experienced Greek language teachers founded E-Kalimera with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding learning experience of the Greek language through online courses.

Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals and have a unique experience while learning one of the richest and oldest languages of Europe.


Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us today!

Students Typing at Their Computer

Can’t find the class you’re looking for in order to learn Greek? Let us know!

E-Kalimera Blog

Take a look at our blog, where you’ll find interesting news and facts about Greek language and culture, E-Kalimera information and relevant contacts. We’re always happy to hear from our community, so if you’d like to submit your comments or suggest an article, get in touch!


Hear it from the Source

“My teacher at E-Kalimera was not only incredibly talented, but also encouraged us to ask as many questions as needed to really understand the concepts.”


“As a beginner in Greek language, E-Kalimera was the perfect place to start out fresh and learn Greek online. The support, resources and expertise they offer is truly the best. Highly recommend!”


“I was hooked from the first class! I never thought I’d find a place that matched my learning style, but the approach at E-Kalimera is a perfect fit for me.”


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