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Do you know the expression "Έφαγε τον αγλέορα" /'efaje ton aγl'eora/? ( = he/she ate the aghleora)

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

This expression refers to the discomfort and sickness that someone feels after having consumed big amounts of food. The word "αγλέορας" comes from the ancient Greek word "ελλέβορος" which was the name of a beautiful but slightly poisonous plant. This plant had pharmaceutical properties but also a tart and bitter taste and a smell that could cause unpleasant feelings.

As a correlation to the disgust that we feel when we devour gluttonously big meals and the distasteful feeling that we get from the consumption of that plant, Greek people created this expression in order to express the feeling of big discomfort after overeating.

Nowadays, whenever we use this expression we mostly laugh about the outcome.

Does that ever happen to you too or is it just us that we sometimes eat the "αγλέορα"?

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