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Μπακαλιάρος σκορδαλιά (baka'ljaros skordha'lja), typical dish for our Greek Independence Day!

We will need (for the σκορδαλιά): Four average potatoes, Two- three cloves of garlic (according to taste), Two-three tablespoons of vinegar/ lemon, Three tablespoons of olive oil and A pinch of salt (more if needed). We boil the potatoes, then we let then cool. We pill them off and we add the cloves of garlic after we have also pilled them off and mashed. We add some water, the oil, salt (by taste) and three tablespoons of vinegar / squeezed lemon juice. We mash everything well with a potato ricer until we get a smooth paste.

For the fried cod (μπακαλιάρο) we need: Half a kilo salted cod, 200 grams of normal flour and Sun oil for frying. We use salted cod, approximately 500 grams. we leave it in cold water for almost 35 hours. we change the water from time to time. When ready we use kitchen paper to take off excess water. This way the cod will absorb more flour. We flip the pieces on the flour we have put in a shallow plate and we deep fry them piece by piece until they turn pale golden brown. We must let the oil reach high temperatures: around 180. We flip each piece every two minutes. we need more or less 6 minutes for each piece. Then we put the fried cod on kitchen paper to rest and absorb the excessive oil. Put one or two pieces of fried cod next to a big portion of σκορδαλιά. You are ready!


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